Worldflight Team USA

Established in 2013, Worldflight Team USA is Officially a member of the Worldflight Group. A seven day marathon virtual flying event raising money for charity. Featuring 45 legs and over 35,000 Miles 24 hours a day in real time.

Worldflight 2020, - ANNOUNCEMENT

AUGUST 4th, 2020 - After careful consultation with some of the organizers of Worldflight regarding the health and safety of everyone in our group, as well as the Travel restrictions now in effect across North America we have made the difficult decision to cancel Worldflight Team USA - 2020, scheduled for November 7th - 14th in Sarasota, FL.

Following increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus, we felt this was the best way to proceed during such an unprecedented global situation. We are very disappointed that we are unable to hold this event for our members and the charity we support. But we know it's the right decision based on the information we have today.

Our team will be working hard to bring this event back for 2021 should the situation change and allow us to proceed Next Year. We are also looking to explore our option of taking part virtually for a few flights along with the other Groups should they decide to proceed with the event in their respective countries.

We thank everyone who shared their views on reimagining worldflight this year.

Director of Operations - Worldflight Team USA




Counting Down to Worldflight 2019
Beginning in August, we had 2 kind gentleman that are already on top of the worldflight Donations for our Team for 2019. These Two Gentleman will Lead off our Honor Roll, and I couldn't be more proud of our community for starting this amazing event 7 years ago. Thank you to all of you and Much success for our 2019 Event.

---Worldflight 2019 HEROS---
James Williams, Warren Soeldner, Sam Llorca, Doug Snow, Ryan O'Keefe, Edwin Burton, Vincent Thomas, Fred Kurasiewicz, Greg Hembree,
The Tableau Foundation, Joaquin Fuenmayor, James Twomey, Kyle Hathaway, Trevor Hale, John Skibo, Ray Sotkiewicz, John Miller, John Ziegler, William Minich, Jason Cornelison & Family, AJ Doubleday (Ground_Point_Niner) & Family, Joe Lavery, Warren H., Gavin Blanchette, Arlene Kurasiewicz, Marlon Wright, John Bakelaar, Chris Ceasar, Jeffrey Kuras, Barbara, Morris, Roger Hoopengardner, Laura Galvez, James Mitchell, Jason Fearing, Roy Stewart, Robert Morrison, Shawn Hathaway & Family, Joe Clark, Diana Tkachenko, Peter Newton, Jeffry Sterrett, John & Karen Combs, Gary Oliver, Anton Grobman, Dave Cochran, Daniel Fuenmayer, Michael Tedor, Elina Lunin, Michael Collmeyer, Ray Layburn, George VanEron, Laurence Zensinger, and Last but not least all the Live Stream Viewer Donations.

---Worldflight 2018 HEROS---

We would like to recognise this years HEROS Special thanks to....
Fred Kurasiewicz, Ray Sotkiewicz,Warren Soeldner, Kyle Hathaway, John Miller, John Combs, Karen Combs, Mick Cliffe, John Ziegler, Vincent Thomas, Roy Stewart, Joe Lavery,
Steve Eisenberg, Les Barwick, Doug Snow, Greg Hembree, James Williams, Edwin Burton, Jasper Koelewijn, James Twomey, John Skibo, Trevor Hale, Jason Garrett, Scott Wegner, Frank Radl, Ryan O'Keefe, David Bullock, Bob Reed, Don Emersoln, Lisa Lopes-Floriano, Shawn Hathaway, Jason Lohrenz, James Reilly, William McSwain, David Otey, Mike Sherick..

---Worldflight 2018---

It's that time again, Worldflight 2018 is only days away
Thank you for visiting Worldflight Team USA - Tis year we will again operate under 2 Teams, all raising money for the same great cause. UAL1120 and DAL209 will take to the skies November 3, 2018 to raise money for the All Childrens Hospital in St Petersburg Florida. Our DAL209 sim will be feature a crew of about 6 Pilots, and UAL1120 will feature about 8 Crew.

Wish us all Luck and donate to our cause, We will be streaming Live On twitch throughout the event.

--- Worldflight 2017 SUPPORTERS---
TO OUR HERO'S - Thank you for your Kind Donations..
Anders Helin, James Hillegus, Joaquin Fuenmayor, Joe Lavery, James Williams, Fred Kurasiewicz,
Sam Llorca, Trevor Hale, Edwin Burton, Vincent Thomas, Gwyn Perrett, Karen Combs,
John Combs, Ray Sotkiewicz, Scott Wegner, Barb Hale, Warren Soeldner, Gary Seymour,
David Bullock, Craig Allison, Greg Hembree, Kyle Hathaway, Darian Phillips, John Miller
John, Ziegler, Doug Snow, Mike Sherick, Don Desfosse, Marco Fernandes, Albert Zaharias,
Roy Stewart, Steven Cherry, Mick Cliffe, William McSwain-

Two Hurricanes, - no match for Team USA
Thank you for visiting Worldflight Team USA - In the wee hours of August 26th, 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and with it brought several trailing storms.

One of these terrible storms hit the home of our simulator in Sarasota, FL hard and caused over a foot of water in the owners home and over 3 feet of water in the garage where the simulator was setup. Unfortunately the Boeing 737 Simulator was completely destroyed.

A week later, Hurricane Irma went up the west coast of Florida and narrowly missed Sarasota as it changed direction and headed for Orlando, again causing more damage to the simulator, and delaying the construction efforts to rebuild from the previous flooding.

One month later, we are discussing how we can GIVE BACK, and help our Host rebuild after this total tragedy. After putting our heads together, and trying not to concentrate on the negative, guess what we have decided to do.?

This year, for Worldflight 2017 we are going to pull together, we are going to get together and rebuild the simulator and we are going to raise money for the All Children's Hospital in St Petersburg, FL at the same time.

That is correct, you heard us right, From November 4th to the 11th 2017, a Skeleton crew will rebuild the simulator from scratch and try to return it to the sky. We will stream live the rebuilding process and hope to make it in the air for some if not all of the flights scheduled. Wourldflight Team USA will Fly for Worldflight this year. With your help and your support for the All Children's Hospital we can still raise money for the Charity and try to get Delta 209 back in the sky. Stay tuned for more information as we will post more details as they become available.

--- Worldflight 2016 ---
We are proud to report that Worldflight Team USA 2016 Contributed $5,417.00USD to the All Children's Hospital, With your help we smashed last years total of $3,365.00USD. Donations for 2017 Will begin in September.. Thanks again to all of you for your kindness.

Sam LLorca, Raymond Sotkiewicz, James Williams, Michael Sherick, William Herskowitz, Kyle Hathaway, Rob Thoenen, Elliot Herskowitz, Avi Herskowitz, Fred Kurasiewicz, Joaquin Fuenmayor, Vincent Thomas, Greg Hembree, Albert Zaharia, Doug Snow, Warren Soeldner, John Price, James Gilman, Arlene Kurasiewicz, Robert Boeschen, Barbara Morris, Rafael Chirino, Melanie Fuenmayor, Onel Montalvo, Rajesh Changela,
Mike Normandeau, Victor M. Ruiz, James, Mitchell, James Hembree, Roy W. Stewart, Alan Reese,
Raymond J. Layburn, Varius other anonymous contributers.